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Lake Biwa

Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome to Shiga prefecture! We are very glad to guide you in the beautiful landscape of Shiga.   We recommend you to visit Shiga. You can see and enjoy the fantastic romantic Lake Biwa as well as historical places and Japanese culture.     It takes only 10 minutes to get it from kyoto by JR train. We are sure Shiga would be highlite for your tour during staying in Japan. We sincerely hope you do not miss to visit amazing Biwa Lake in Shiga prefecture.

(26) 石山寺(Ishiyamadera) & 叶匠壽庵 寿長生の郷(Kanou Shoujuan Sumainosato) handicrafts course


Ishiyamadera was built during 6c~7c.in Shiga.They have been as National treasure by Japanese Goverment because of historical temple in Japan.


*Kanou  Shoujuan  Sumainosato

After visiting at Ishiyamadera.you can visit Japanese tradional confectionary 

manufacturer by taking shuttle bus at JR Ishiyama sta. It takes 30 minutes to get there.  

Address: 4-2-1 Oishiryumon Otsu Shiga 520-2266 Japan

E-mail: contact@sunainosato.com

Hours: 9:00〜17:00

          Closed on Wednesday 

Instagram: @sunainosato_kanou

1.Wagashi Making Work Shop

We would like to recommend you to try

"Wagashi Making Work Shop (¥2,700)".

You can make two different kinds of Wagashi.

2.The Tea Ceremony Experience

You can experience "茶の湯 (Chano yuーcalled Japanese Tea Ceremoney)" at another Tea Ceremoney House (¥1,080).

Please see photograph.

3.Special Lunch Tour 

ー "Miyama Tsuzura Course"

(1+2+3= Set total price ¥6,480)



After the above experience, you can enjoy strolling and see a beautiful landscape including mountain nature as well as elegant flowers there. This places are so wonderful Japan's typical nature land. So we recommend you to visit and feel traditional soul of Japan there. 

(27) Art of Otsu-e course

*Art of Otsue,

" Otsue shop" http://www.otsue.jp/english/index.html

*Biwa-ko Lake Canal

(Heritage of Industrial Modernization)

*Otsu City Museum of History

http://www.rekihaku.otsu.shiga.jp (This HP is written in Japanese only)

*Omi tea

*Fish the lake

(28) Lake Biwa beautiful cruising tour

We are very happy to inform yot that you would join Lake Biwa cruising tour at  Otsu city in Shiga prefecture. Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan. If you try to enjoy Lake Biwa tour, we are sure you can enjoy and see a fantastic landscape of around beautiful sightseeing spots as well as enjoy taking delicious cusine during cruising tour in Shiga.


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