KADEKO Osaka Prefecture Handicraft Tours

Dotonbori  photo:(c)Osaka Government Tourism Bureau

We are very pleased to guide foreign tourists who are interested in traditional handicrafts as well as traditional cultures here in Osaka. We would be glad to receive your reservation for KADEKO traditional handicraft tours. Moreover, we can also arrange special tours in accordance with your requests. Thank you.

(15) Osaka Castle &  Shrine  Cultural     Course

*Osaka Castle


photo:(c)Osaka Government Tourism Bureau


● Osaka Castle + a〜f (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)The Museum of Oriental Ceramics


(b)Oimatsu Antique Street

 http://www.oimatsu-cho.gr.jp   (This HP is written in Japanese only )

(c)Tekijuku (a place of study opened by Ogata Koan,

    prominent medical doctor)


(d)Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

    Traditional handicrafts work shop

*Osaka Museum of Housing and Living



(e)Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai

*Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai


(This HP is written in Japanese only)


(f)Osaka Tenman-gu

www.tenjinsan.com   (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(16) World Intangible Cutural Heritage Course

*Washoku - Japanese cuisine

photo:(c)Osaka Government Tourism Bureau


Washoku -Japanese cuisine +ag (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Kuromon Ichiba - traditional market selling

    fresh fish and vegetables etc in Osaka

Kuromon Ichiba (Mareket)


(This HP has link to English page )


(c)Kanteiryu- Calligraphy

(d)Bunraku- puppet theater (irregular)

*National bunraku theatre


(e)Yamamoto No-gaku Do (irregular)


(f)Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

http://www.sumiyoshitaisha.net  (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(g)Namba Yasaka Shrine

*Namba Yasaka Shrine


 (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(17) Osaka Ancient Temple Course

*Shitennoji temple


 (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Shitennoji Temple  + ad (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Temnoji Nanasaka


(b)Abeno harukas


(c)Tsutenkaku Tower

 http://www.tsutenkaku.co.jp  (This HP has link to English pages)

(d)Tower Knives Osaka


(18) Osaka Sakai Traditional Handicrafts Course

*Sakai City Traditional Crafts   Museum





photo:(c)Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum 

Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum  +a, b (multiple

   selection is ok.) 

(a)Cutleries tempering experience

(b)sakai risho no mori (museum of the a master  of the tea

    ceremony and poetess from Sakai)

    http://www.sakai-rishonomori.com (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Sakai authentic knife  http://www.sakaiwada.com/#!english/cn6x

Kimono bottle dress   http://kimono-bottledress.com/


 Japanese traditional confectionery

Yaogen Raikodo Head Office http://www.yaogen.com/en/index.html

Yaogen has manufactured traditional-style confection called Nikkimochi(sweet bean paste in Mochi with taste of cinnamon)for more than 200 years in Sakai 

which was called as Venice of the East during 15th~16th centuries in Europian countries.

 We are sure you would fall in love with our special confections if you try.

(19)Naniwa Cuisine Cooking Course

Tako-yaki is  the most popular food in Osaka. It's a cooked dumpling made with

batter,and it has steamed octopus inside.


※yaki-Soba,Oyako-don Kitsune-Udon etc

(20)Osaka Typical Manufacturers Factory Tourism

* Kawachi  Furin, Glass Seal Stamps, Sakai Smithery,

  Dragonfly Ball,Zori, Geta(Japanese Sandals,Clogs),

  Food Samples, Ukiyoe,Furniture, Instant Ramen etc

(21)Kishiwada Danjiri Town & Handicrafts Course

*Danjiri Festival  *Danjiri-Kaikan

 http://www.kishibura.jp/danjiri/ (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Danjiri-Kaikan + a, b (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Danjiri Artisant Work Shop

(b)Japanese traditional desserts ; Wa-gashi