Attention to the foreign tourists who would like to visit Osaka.

We have just issued 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian) map of Osaka. If you are interested in the map, please click the link.

KADEKO Osaka Prefecture Tours

We are very pleased to guide foreign tourists who are interested in traditional handicrafts as well as traditional cultures here in Osaka. We would be glad to receive your reservation for KADEKO traditional handicraft tours. Moreover, we can also arrange special tours in accordance with your requests. Thank you.

(15) Osaka Castle &  Shrine  Cultural     Course

*Osaka Castle

photo:(c)Osaka Government Tourism Bureau


● Osaka Castle + a〜g (multiple selection is ok.)


(a)Osaka famous Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

This street is located near to Dotonbori St.

We can enjoy shopping at many local traditional as well as modernized speciality shops there.

*Geisha & Samurai Traditional Osaka Evening Show "The REVUE JAPAN” Welcome to Osaka     (ようこそ大阪へ)

We are very glad to inform you that The exciting Geisha and Samurai show will be held at Shisaibashi (famous shopping street.)

Kadoza theater in Osaka near Shisaibashi Metro Sta.

Curtain opens on every Tuesday and Thursday, First third Saturday.

Please see the details information is mentioned below.

A) Time of ShowーEach day start at 7:30p.m〜8:15p.m

You are requested to take your seat because of no reserved seats.We would like you to come 15 minites before starting.

Don't miss it. Each day is only one stage.

B) Entrance AdmissionーJPY 3000yen/person.

We sincerly hope that you could come and spend your special as well as romantic time with the beautiful players at the theater.

Volunteer guide help youー

If you want us to guide The REVUE JAPAN, please feel free to contact

Email :

It's possible to take the ticket instead of you. Thank you. 

Muchas gracious. Ciao Grazie. Merci.

With best wishes,

Shigeharu Nakano

(b)The Museum of Oriental Ceramics

(c)Oimatsu Antique Street   (This HP is written in Japanese only )

(d)Tekijuku (a place of study opened by Ogata Koan,

    prominent medical doctor)

(e)Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

    Traditional handicrafts work shop

*Osaka Museum of Housing and Living


(f)Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai

*Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai

(This HP is written in Japanese only)


(g)Osaka Tenman-gu   (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(16) World Intangible Cutural Heritage Course

*Washoku - Japanese cuisine

photo:(c)Osaka Government Tourism Bureau


Washoku -Japanese cuisine +ag (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Kuromon Ichiba - traditional market selling

    fresh fish and vegetables etc in Osaka

Kuromon Ichiba (Mareket)

(This HP has link to English page )





*Dotombori Local Foods Musical Show "Gotta" at Zaza theater, If you want to see you can get a ticket through our site.

Performing time: 3shows per day 11:00~, 13:00~, 15:00~,

※Performances last 45 minutes. There are no performances on Tuesdays.


Tickets(Reserverd / Advanced ticket, Day ticket):

Adults (over 16 years old) 1,800yen

7 to 15 years old 1,000yen

6 years and under free



※Children under the age of 3 can enjoy the show from your lap, free of charge.

※Please present proof of ID upon entry.


How to see the food musical Show ”Gotta” ? Please let us know the 

1) Full name  2) Number of tourists

3) Which time you want to see  A) 11a.m~ B) 13p.m~ C) 15p.m~

4) Adult, primary and secondary student and baby ~4years


Please send your information to the E-mail  traditional2010@icloud,com

Thank you.

Shigeharu Nakano

President of kadeko volunteer guide Assn.

(c)Kanteiryu- Calligraphy

(d)Bunraku- puppet theater (irregular)

*National bunraku theatre

(e)Yamamoto No-gaku Do (irregular)

(f)Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine  (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(g)Namba Yasaka Shrine

*Namba Yasaka Shrine

 (This HP is written in Japanese only)

(17) Osaka Ancient Temple Course

*Shitennoji temple

 (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Shitennoji Temple  + ad (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Temnoji Nanasaka

(b)Abeno Harukas

Floor and Opening Hours

■Abeno Harukas Observatory 9:00 AM-22:00 PM

■B2-3.5F 10:00 AM-8:30 PM   ■4-11F 10:00 AM-8:00 PM  

■12-14F Abeno Harukas Dining 11:00 AM-11:00 PM

■B2F Abeno Ichiba Shokudo 10:00 AM-10:00PM

Address: 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abenoku, Osaka City, 545-8545 JAPAN

Tel: 06-6624-1111 

Cool Osaka Night Tour has been started at the Abeno Harukas building.

If you join the tour you can enjoy Japanese traditional culture show as mentioned bellow.

Cool Osaka Night Tour

Kintetsu Department Store Main Store Abeno Harukas

Kintetsu Departmentment Store Main Store Abeno Harukas is widely known as the biggest Department Store (B2F14F) in Japan. We sincerely hope that you can enjoy shopping for high quality cosmetics as well as the traditional handicrafts made by master craftsmen in Japan.

Foreign Customer's Salon: Wing Building 3.5F

Tax refund Free Wi-Fi 5% discount coupon Hotel delivery international ATM  Delivery(Overseas) foreign currency exchange machine (to JPY)

AccessJR line TennojiSta. Subway line TennojiSta.

Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line Osaka-AbenobashiSta.

La sede principale della catena di grandi magazzini Kintetsu

Abeno Harukas, la sede principale della catena di grandi magazzini Kintetsu è uno dei magazzini più grandi del Giappone con 14 piani e due livelli sotterranei. Scoprirete i cosmetici di produzione giapponese famosi anche tra i clienti all’estero e gli artigianati tradizionali.

Assistenza Clienti Stranieri: Edificio Wing 3.5F

Rimborso Tassa Wi-Fi Gratis coupon sconto del 5% 

consegna a domicilio in hotel Consegna a domicilio (all’estero) 

Bancomat internazionale Dispositivo per il cambio da valuta straniera in JPY.

Accesso: Stazione Tennojidella linea JR Stazione Tennojidi Osaka Metro

Stazione Osaka-Abenobashi」 della linea Kintetsu Minami-Osaka

Tienda departamental Kintetsu, Abeno Harukas

La tienda departamental Abeno Harukas es la mas grande en todo Japón. Ocupando dos niveles subterráneos y extendiéndose hasta el nivel 14, ofrece artesanías japonesas, cosméticos japoneses reconocidos mundialmente y mas.

Sala para los extranjeros: Ala edificio 3.5F

Devolución de impuestos  Wi-Fi Gratis  Cupón de descuento 5%

Entrega del hotel  Entrega a domicilio (Extranjero)  ATM internacional

máquina de cambio de moneda extranjera (a JPY)

Acceso: Línea JR TennoujiEstación. Línea paso subterráneo La gare ‘‘Tennoji’’ sur la ligne JR  La station ‘‘Tennoji’’sur la ligne de métro TennoujiEstación.

Grand magasin de Kintétsu Abéno Harukas

C’est  l’un des plus grands magasins du Japon qui a 13 étages et 2 étages en sous-sol.  On offre un grand choix tels que des cosmétiques fabriqués au Japon populaire auprès des étrangers, et des objets d'art traditionnels japonais.

Service Clientèle pour les étrangers: Wing building 3.5e

Détaxe Wi-Fi gratuit Coupon de réduction de 5%

Livraison à domicile à étranger Livraison à l’hôtel

Distributeur de billets internationals Machine de Change (Yens)

Accès: La gare ‘‘Tennoji’’ sur la ligne JR  La station ‘‘Tennoji’’sur la ligne de métro

La gare “Osaka-Abénobashi”sur  la ligne Kintétsu Minami-Osaka 

(c)Tsutenkaku Tower  (This HP has link to English pages)

(d)Tower Knives Osaka


(18) Osaka Sakai Traditional Handicrafts Course

*Sakai City Traditional Crafts   Museum




photo:(c)Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum 

Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum  +a, b (multiple

   selection is ok.) 

(a)Cutleries tempering experience

(b)sakai risho no mori (museum of the a master  of the tea

    ceremony and poetess from Sakai) (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Sakai authentic knife!english/cn6x

Kimono bottle dress


 Japanese traditional confectionery

Yaogen Raikodo Head Office

Yaogen has manufactured traditional-style confection called Nikkimochi(sweet bean paste in Mochi with taste of cinnamon)for more than 200 years in Sakai 

which was called as Venice of the East during 15th~16th centuries in Europian countries.

 We are sure you would fall in love with our special confections if you try.

 SHIMANO Bicycle Museum

(19)Naniwa Cuisine Cooking Course

Tako-yaki is  the most popular food in Osaka. It's a cooked dumpling made with

batter,and it has steamed octopus inside.


※yaki-Soba,Oyako-don Kitsune-Udon etc

(20)Osaka Typical Manufacturers Factory Tourism

* Kawachi  Furin, Glass Seal Stamps, Sakai Smithery,

  Dragonfly Ball,Zori, Geta(Japanese Sandals,Clogs),

  Food Samples, Ukiyoe,Furniture, Instant Ramen etc

(21)Kishiwada Danjiri Town & Handicrafts Course

*Danjiri Festival  *Danjiri-Kaikan (This HP is written in Japanese only)

Danjiri-Kaikan + a, b (multiple selection is ok.)

(a)Danjiri Artisant Work Shop

(b)Japanese traditional desserts ; Wa-gashi