KADEKO Nara Prefecture Handicrafts Tour


Welcome to Nara ! where was the oldest capital city in Japan. We sincerely believe you could feel ancient world after visiting the world heritage sites designated by UNESCO.

(22)Todaiji Temple, KasugaTaisha Shrine, Nara Park and Traditional Handicrafts Museum Course

 *Todaiji Temple



*Hotel Fujita Nara

 Restaurant Cerf D'argent

 Japanese Restaurant Wakakusa



* Nara Park


(23) Kofukuji Temple, Naramachi Old Town Houses and Japanese trick toys experience Course

 *Karakuri Omochakan

(trick toys experience)


 (This HP is written in Japanese only )

(24) Horyuji Temple,Yakushiji ancient temples and Traditional Handicrafts artisans houses Course

 *Yakushiji Temple


   (This HP is written in Japanese only )

(25)Yagyu Ninjya Vilage Beautiful Course

*Yagyu Ninjya Vilage If you would like to feel the genuine samurai spirits,you should visit there. We are sure you would fall in love with the Yagyu village,because we could realize the Soul of Samurai World there. 


Do you know Seikishusai Yagyu?

He was the prominent master of his own Kendow style called Yagyu-Shinkage Ryu. That interesting legend has been considered as a fiction among Japanese people. He could break and cut the giant stone by his amazing Shikageryu. He had been able to cut the stone called Ittoseki soon after he attacked the monster midnight though it was dark. The Shinkageryu was the superior Kenndou style because we can beat with enemy without eyes if we could master it.